PlayStation Stars Digital Collectibles are not NFTs


Sony recently announced PlayStation Stars, a new initiative that rewards frequent players. It’s a free reward and loyalty programme for PlayStation players that will be available later this year. So far, Sony has revealed that there will be “campaigns” and other ways to earn loyalty points that can be spent on a variety of rewards.

While points can be redeemed for PlayStaion Network wallet funds, they can also be used to buy games, DLC, and digital collectibles. The majority of the rewards revealed by Sony thus far indicate that loyalty points can be exchanged for real-world items, which has fans concerned about what the “digital collectibles” are.

Speaking to The Washington Post (, Sony has stated that these digital collectibles are not NFTs. They don’t use any blockchain technologies and cannot be traded or sold to other users. However, there will be “ultra rare” digital collectibles coming from the PlayStation Stars initiative.


What Have They Done?! Splatoon 3
What Have They Done?! Splatoon 3

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