PlayStation Showcase 2021 Announces two new Marvel games


The PlayStation Showcase 2021 has just taken place and there was a lot of content including two surprise reveals. Insomniac Games revealed they aren’t done with the Spider-Man series and that they’re happy to expand further.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was announced with a short teaser trailer. It shows both Miles and Peter fighting some baddies together before Venom appears from the shadows in front of them. Insomniac Games confirmed that it will release for PS5 in 2023 but didn’t give us any other details for the game.

However, it was also announced that Insomnia Games is also working on a Marvel’s Wolverine game too. There was no other information to go along with the very short teaser announcement but it looks like there’s a lot to look forwards to.

More news on both these Marvel games will be coming in the future though we might not see either of them until 2023.


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