PlayStation is removing PlayStation Now gift cards from retailers


Sony has begun pulling PlayStation Now gift cards from retailers in the UK. This comes after a few weeks of Sony removed them from retailers in the United States. This time however, a new report from VentureBeat ( reveals there’s a deadline for this.

The report states that the UK retailer GAME needs to remove all PS Now cards from the shelves by January 21st. In addition to this, all the POS and ESD cards also need to removed from customer areas and digital bays by January 19th.

It’s thought that Sony is looking to launch a subscription service similar to the Xbox Game Pass which is codenamed “Spartacus”. According to Bloomberg (, the system will have three tiers with the top tier including game streaming, extended demos and legacy content from past PlayStation consoles.

The recent actions definitely suggest that a new subscription service might be coming soon for PlayStation.

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