Platinum Games ‘announces’ 9 Retro Games

Platinum Games ‘announces’ 9 Retro Games on April 1st

Platinum Games has ‘announced’ 9 new games with an announcement video designed to look like an April Fool’s joke. The company previously announced Sol Cresta on April 1st in 2020 so it’s not too clear yet how much of a joke this really is.

The video announced the “Shocking 10” series which includes the previously announced Sol Cresta. It definitely looks like a joke but this wouldn’t be the first time a company has created a parody presentation to announce real games. The presentation is in Japanese but YouTube has some closed captions for the video. Even without the subtitles, the ‘presentation’ is clearly a joke.

Speaking to VGC ( about if the presentation is an April Fool’s joke, Platinum Games stated “we will leave it up to you to decide after watching the video”. However, they did previously reveal that more games would be coming to the Neo Classic Arcade series.


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