Phasmophobia gets a Solo Mode


It’s been 1 year since Phasmophobia first launched and developer Kinetic Games is celebrating the milestone by releasing a new update. As posted to the Steam page, the update includes various small quality of life changes to the game and some bug fixes. However, the biggest addition is an offline single player mode.

What can we expect from the solo mode?

This option does not connect you to the games servers and allows you to play the game alone without needing to be online. The Phasmophobia solo mode is the same the normal game, just without the co-operative gameplay. You’ll still be hunting ghosts and demons but this time, you won’t have any backup. You’ll be entirely alone so you investigate the haunted locations, gather evidence and attempt to escape.

Videos of solo play are already available online and there are plenty of Twitch streamers taking on the solo mode if you want to see someone else attempt it first.

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