Paradox has cancelled some of their unannounced games

Paradox Interactive cancels unannounced projects to focus the game development pipeline.

During their press release on Thursday, Paradox Interactive has cancelled multiple unannounced games. Posted to their official website, the press release revealed that Paradox currently working on 15 games. These games include Victoria 3 and Vampire: The Masquereade – Bloodlines 2.

The statement also comments that the developer is focusing more of the company’s reputation for making strategy games and games that receive a lot of content post-launch. Due to this, the company has decided to cancel multiple projects. The statement reads that Paradox has “decided to discontinue the development of several unannounced games” so they can focus more resources on “proven game niches”.

Sadly we don’t know anything about these projects and we’ll most likely never hear anything about them. Paradox Interactive is re-focusing themselves on their more profitable and proven niches such as strategy and management. However, the press release also states that Paradox has a “promising game pipline” for the next few years.

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