Outriders Worldslayer PS5 Gameplay Preview

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Previewing Outriders Worldslayer PS5 Gameplay, graphics, mechanics and story. Is Outriders Worldslayer on the PS5 worth playing and a worthy addition to the PlayStation line up?

At launch, Outriders had a few issues. The gameplay was tight and fun, but critics criticized the story for being “lackluster”, and the presence of a few serious bugs made the initial introduction to the world of Outriders less than stellar. Over time, issues have been patched and gameplay has been tweaked to the point the overall Outriders is an almost entirely solid game over a year after its release. The game has maintained its honorable stance of being a third-person shooter in the modern age that is not a live service game and also does not have microtransactions. Every single one of its guns is fun to use, and its effects are suitable gruesome, as you would expect from People Can Fly, the developers of Bulletstorm.

Now, those same developers are injecting new life into Outriders, and they are out for blood. Outriders Worldslayer is the first expansion DLC to the original game, and it’s bringing with it a host of new features and content. With the DLC’s release just around the corner, here are some of the features that Outriders fans should be excited about.

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A Whole New Campaign

Outriders Worldslayer brings with it an entirely new campaign that expands the story of the original game. In Outrider’s endgame, you ran expeditions to gain control of drop pods. These pods served to solidify humanity’s grip on Enoch, which is something the Anomaly did not appreciate. The Anomaly, the mysterious antagonist of the original campaign, was constantly evolving everything on the planet Enoch to overpower humanity and the Outriders, either killing them or forcing them off the planet. However, the iron will of humans is nothing to scoff at, and the Outriders still persisted.

Now in Outriders Worldslayer, the Anomaly has taken even more drastic steps, freezing the surface of Enoch with blizzards and frost storms, threatening not just humanity, but every living thing on Enoch. The Outriders will have to search for a way to end the climate crisis at the farthest corners of the planet, where they will encounter a new Altered called Ereshkigal, who has her own faction of humans that will fight the Outriders every step of the way.

New Items and Systems

To combat the new threats, the Outriders have been given a slew of new features. Firstly, there is a level cap bump to 40 from 20, level 75 gear, and almost 100 new Legendary items, which include weapons, 5-piece armor sets, and 3-piece armor sets that can be used by any class. There is also the addition of Apocalypse Gear, variants of Legendary and Epic items with an additional slot for mods.

There are also the new Pax and Ascension systems. Pax is a system of sub-class trees that add specializations to each of the currently available classes. The Ascension system allows up to 200 additional points for your many different traits to be added over a long period of time for those who played Outriders for hundreds of hours.


With all the work that has been put into Outriders since its release, it’s clear that Outriders Worldslayer will be People Can Fly’s best work yet. You can fight Ereshkigal and traverse the frozen wastes of Enoch when Outriders Worldslayer launches on PS4, PS4, Xbox consoles, and PC on June 28th. It is a paid digital expansion that will not be included in Game Pass for Xbox and PC.


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