Open World Splinter Cell?

New Splinter Cell game is reported to have an Open World.

Tom Henderson is a well-known leaker who has revealed numerous true details about upcoming games over the years. This includes various details about Battlefield 2042 before the official announcement, and now he has some information about the next Splinter Cell game. Since October, a new game has been rumoured to be in the works, but no details have been released.

Henderson revealed on Twitter that the next Splinter Cell game is set in an open world adventure. The game is still in early development and is intended to be similar to Halo Infinite open world as well as a “more stealthy version of Assassin’s Creed.”

The next Splinter Cell game is still in early development and we won’t be seeing much about this game for quite some time. While it’s possible it could be mentioned at E3 2022, it’s not very likely at this point.

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