NVIDIA to cut GPU supply by 50%

NVIDIA RTX still out of stock with 50% supply reduction and facing new price hike?

If there is something that is tightening the rope between users and manufacturers is undoubtedly the price of graphics cards. Previously these prices were justified by the lack of models in stock, but that situation has been reversed and now models from almost all manufacturers are starting to arrive in stores, there are units to buy, but prices are still high. 

To this situation we have to add another factor that we know today: NVIDIA is restricting GPU supply by 30-50%.

There is no upward or downward stability in GPU prices. It’s possibly the “craziest” market in the PC world right now, and that’s saying something with NAND Flash competition, but the truth is that no one is on board. The latest news is as worrying as it is incendiary: NVIDIA and the manufacturers refuse to lose money and cut GPU supply.

NVIDIA and AIBs nip it in the bud: No GPU sales? Goodbye to supply!

Tensions in the supply chain, tensions between retailers and wholesalers, and confusion in the stores. The industry is wary of everything that is happening, and the chip scarcity is doing little to help things normalize, but as we’ve seen last week, prices are beginning to rise again.

What we know now will not help intellectually, and user confidence in GPUs has more than dwindled, where today may be the tipping point to all of this. If you’re considering purchasing a GPU and hoped to see pricing close to MSRP by the end of the year, forget about it! No, we are dead serious, forget about it.

NVIDIA and the manufacturers are going to make a market adjustment move since they don’t want to lose money and over-capacitate production, so the first big deal is on the table for this very September: limiting supply.

No GPUs sold due to the prohibitively high price? That is not the case. NVIDIA intends to reduce supplies temporarily and then restart normal exports at their normal volume, therefore saving on shipping logistics.

30% less RTX 30 and a staggering 50% less GTX and RTX 20

September will leave a trail of devastation in its wake, as part of the availability rationale for lower pricing crumbles. Before September 15, the supply of RTX 30 GPUs will be cut by 30%, while the supply of GTX 16 and RTX 20 GPUs, which were market saviors for many, would be lowered by 50% compared to the previous month of August.

No one really knows the whys, but rumours even point to the mining market, as the leaked new CMP 170HX and the stock of the mining range could have something to do with it after Ethereum regained its value. Voluntary capping to favour sales of a new series and deplete the existing stock of gaming GPUs? Place your bets, because equally the move is risky.


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