NVIDIA RTX 40 GPU release date now set

NVIDIA RTX 40 GPU release date now set, double whammy for AMD?

GPUs are currently at a rocky point where users are not jumping into their purchase, mainly because of the general lack of stock and, on the other hand, because the inventory that does exist is gigantically overpriced. Based on the latest rumors and leaks, it could be said that many are going to pass this RTX 30 generation and go for the RTX 40 GPUs, which could be coming soon!

The leak is fairly confusing, primarily because there is talk of two architectures, and many misunderstand NVIDIA’s plan to stop AMD with RDNA 3. What is claimed is based on a variety of sources that, when combined, provide a more or less complete view of what we might anticipate: NVIDIA Hopper is unrelated to Ada Lovelace in any way.

NVIDIA once again segments its architectures and splits them

They haven’t done anything like this before, but the method is drastically different. But, before we go, let us first place ourselves historically and technically. NVIDIA will be late to the battle for MCM GPUs, as Intel will be the first to market in the gaming area. AMD has already done so in the professional sector. The greens expect them to follow suit, mostly because it is reported and rumored that they have had difficulties creating the architecture. The shift to Samsung was not as desired.

With this in mind, consider the following rumours

1. NVIDIA Hopper and NVIDIA Ada Lovelace are two next-generation architectures that will be delivered at various dates with the same architectural base in terms of enhancements.

2. NVIDIA Hopper is expected to be an MCM architecture centered on servers, Deep Learning, and AI.

3. NVIDIA Ada Lovelace is a classic monolithic architecture that will compete with AMD RDNA 3 in the gaming business.

All of this is important because NVIDIA’s strategy is all about timing. According to what we saw two weeks ago, the red and green will use TSMC’s new 5nm node, which makes them equal in this section despite having different approaches.

Will the NVIDIA GPU RTX 40 Hopper and Ada Lovelace, run out of time?

The issue, as we said, is time. Since speculations predict that NVIDIA will have Ada Lovelace ready by the end of this year, and mass manufacturing by TSMC will begin in the middle of next year. So far as we know, NVIDIA takes less than a year to get GPUs into the hands of graphics card manufacturers, so early estimates place a likely debut date at the end of 2022.

Hopper instead could arrive a quarter earlier, in Q3, almost a year after AMD, yes, but with a completely new architecture and with an internal bandwidth of more than 900 GB/s, where between the two GPUs we talk about more than 600 GB/s bidirectional.

So, will the NVIDIA RTX 30 be around for another year? Maybe not for the most part, and there are rumors that NVIDIA has some RTX 30 SUPER ready to fill that time GAP and continue selling GPUs, distancing itself from AMD at the same time. What’s right and what’s wrong in this argument? We don’t know! We are discovering it all together little by little, where the only thing that can be confirmed from Colette Kress’ mouth is that server-side Grace GPUs would arrive in 2023.

Either NVIDIA has stepped on the accelerator, or TSMC is advancing the dates since the statements are before these new rumours. Strategy to fool AMD, perhaps?


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