Nvidia is releasing a 12GB RTX 2060

Nvidia is releasing a 12GB RTX 2060 because of the shortages

Earlier this year, Nvidia announced they would release new stock for older GPUs due to the shortages with the current generation of graphics cards. The manufacturer is finally coming through with their promise and The Verge is reporting that Nvidia is releasing some new RTX 2060s. The new cards feature 12GB of video RAM which is double what the original 2060 released with in 2019.

While it might not be an RTX 30 series, the re-release from Nvidia intends to give more decently priced options to gamers who are struggling to find a fairly priced graphics card. It’s unknown why the RTX 2060 was chosen for this but it’s thought that the card doesn’t share the same components rumoured to be causing some manufacturing delays for the newer hardware.

The new RTX 2060 12GB cards will be available starting December 7th though no prices have been announced yet. Nvidia has indicated they will cost more that the original versions release price of $349.

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