Not all Metroid Dread developers were Credited for their work


Metroid Dread has been released, and it has been a huge success. Unfortunately, it has been revealed that the game isn’t perfect. One of the Metroid Dread developers claims they were left out of the credits, and developer MercurySteam has responded.

Roberto Mejas was a 3D artist for MercurySteam for 8 months in 2019. He claims that some of his assets and environments are being used in the game in a LinkedIn post ( However, his work is not acknowledged.

According to the Spanish website Vandal, (, another member of the team is experiencing the same issue. According to the anonymous developer, they worked on the game for eleven months but were not listed in the credits.

MercurySteam talked to Vandal about the issue. The representative states “the policy of the studio requires that anyone must work on the project [for] at least 25% of the total development of the game to appear in the final credits”. 


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Metroid Dread:

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