Nintendo Switch sales surpasses total population of Germany!!


TLNintendo to Buy Back $900 Worth of Own Shares Thanks to the Switch’s Success

Nintendo recently released its financial reports [1] for the first quarter of the fiscal year on the official Nintendo Japan site, revealing a very good financial situation for the Japanese gaming giant. 2021 has been a successful year for Nintendo, following from the year prior that saw Switch units sold out globally and sold for astronomical prices by scalpers as those in quarantine wanted one thing only – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It seems however that each year the Switch does better and better for the company, the most recent news coming from Nintendo themselves being that they are now announcing a ‘Notification of Acquisition of Treasury Shares and Cancellation of Treasury Shares’ via their Japanese site [2]. For those unfamiliar with financial jargon, this simply means Nintendo wish to buy back some of their own shares from shareholders, to reduce the number of dividends the company must pay in the long run. 

The exact amount of shares Nintendo wishes to purchase between August and September is a number of 100 billion yen – approximately $912.1 million USD. 

This astronomical sum of cash that Nintendo seems to have just lying around is, as they claim, due to the Nintendo Switch business. Public data also released by Nintendo on their Japanese site [4] shows that each year, more and more Switch units are sold than the previous year – obviously with 2021 being the biggest selling year. 

According to their data, 89.04 million Nintendo Switch units have been sold thus far; a number that has now surpassed the total population of Germany at roughly 83 million people. Yes, that means that there are now more Nintendo Switch units than there are Germans. 

This information places the Nintendo Switch as Nintendo’s fourth-best selling console of all-time, only overtaken by the Wii, the Game Boy, and the Nintendo DS. However, with a new Switch model set for an October release, and the end of the Switches life cycle no where in site, it seems very likely that the Nintendo Switch unit sales shall continue to grow drastically, and potentially, overtake previous Nintendo consoles. 

It seems Nintendo is doing absolutely amazing right now – possessing the financial ability to purchase $900Million worth of its own shares in a period when it seems most companies’ financials may be struggling. Let’s hope that Nintendo continues this period of growth and that the years to come are filled with plenty of amazing games and tech from the Japanese giant, beginning with the Nintendo Switch OLED model. Who knows, maybe a Nintendo Switch Pro may not be such an unrealistic ideal any longer…  



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New Console Coming? Half Life 2 on Switch & More

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