Nintendo Switch OLED Review


Nintendo Switch OLED is the newest member of the Nintendo Handheld family. And although this isn’t the Nintendo Switch Pro the rumours where hoping for the Nintendo Switch OLED is an exciting addition, as we explore in this preview.

The revised Nintendo Switch is here, the Nintendo Switch OLED, featuring some exciting additions and some noticeable changes from the much loved Nintendo Switch.

Announced on July 6th with a release date of October 8th, Nintendo have finally announced the much anticipated update to the Nintendo Switch. The rumours and leaks were seemingly off the mark with this, with no 4K, Improved Processing even the word Pro insight.

We do have the incredibly exciting OLED panel, which now stretches to a massive 7 Inches, up from the current 6.4 giving an almost bezel-less look to the handheld. Nintendo have also included a adjustable angled stand to the rear of the Switch OLED, enabling players to take advantage of that OLED’s wide viewing angle, especially in more tabletop and multiplayer settings.

We also now see some other more minor upgrades, with 64gb of internal storage, access to a wired LAN port for more stable online gaming and improved nobody speakers for an enhanced audio experience.

Of course there’s a few features that are missing that some players would have loved from this updated Switch. But needless to say the OLED display is a welcome addition to the Switch family and we can’t to test one ourselves. 


New Console Coming? Half Life 2 on Switch & More
New Console Coming? Half Life 2 on Switch & More

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