Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Killers! BinBok Slim

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Killers! BinBok Slim Review

If you’ve seen part 1, our unboxing of these then you know the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons aren’t exactly the most comfortable or ergonomic design. As such, that left us wanting to seek out an alternative. Meet the BinBok Slim, Transparent Discovery Edition, Joy-Cons! At almost 50% cheaper than official Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, packed full of features like wake from sleep, gyro motion controls, RGB LED’s, rumble and more are these any good? Here’s our definitive review!

🚩 BinBok Slim Joy-Cons:

Make sure to watch part 1, our unboxing and first impressions and don’t forget to subscribe for part 3! Part 3 will be putting them head to head with the Hori Split Pad Pro!

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