Next-Gen AMD CPUs could feature up to 24 cores

New-Gen AMD CPUs could feature up to 24 cores or GPUs, similar to Intel!

Everyone is looking forward to what Intel and AMD will present in not too many months, and although there are no official dates, the new CPUs are getting closer. What leaked through some GIGABYTE files (now deleted) claim that AMD would have two IO Die for their new AM5 socket, so speculations and rumors have jumped through the roof. What could this imply?

The blow that AMD will suffer from the latest from Intel seems that it will be largely palliated with the so-called new Zen3D or Zen 3+ CPUs, but at the same time and with a few months of GAP, it could have its unique architecture and socket ready. If the information is reliable and everything indicates so, what is AMD planning with Raphael? Or is it part of Rembrandt?

Changes in AMD’s timing and roadmap for AM5? 

We can’t say anything! Rumors, on the other hand, do not provide definitive facts. There is no proof on the table, so let us enter (if we haven’t already) the realm of pure supposition. So, as always, grab some salt, and let’s get started. In terms of CPU launches, AMD is a little behind on their entire lineup.

True, it’s a few months, but according to the leaked roadmap, Cezanne (5000G series APUs) should have appeared by the end of last year, and Warhol as such must arrive by the end of this one. Because the GIGABYTE revelation pertains to AM5, not AM4, we must discuss the following codenames: Raphael and Rembrandt.

When confronted with the whys, the answer is self-evident! Raphael will be launched alongside Zen 4, while Rembrandt is expected to update the recently introduced 5000G family APUs. But, given the dates and the end of AM4 in 2022, won’t these APUs arrive in AM5 to compete with Intel? In principle, the Phoenix architecture might be used for this, but it would come too late, much like the Ryzen 5000G does presently.

More cores or an iGPU, or maybe both?

Several options emerge from this obvious and entirely hypothetical statement: Raphael will have an additional IOD, an Intel-style iGPU, under Zen 4 and AM5. Why? Because AMD is eager to liquidate its APUs in a short period of time by battling with its competitor in its industry based on CPUs with superior iGPUs.  

It makes sense, and similar reports have circulated in the past. However, there is another rumor in the air, and it is nothing more than a third CCD instead of an IO Die. If GIGABYTE is incorrect, we could be looking at a third CCD, which would imply a CPU or CPUs with up to 24 cores and possibly as many as 20 cores.

The issue with this rumor is that other rumors indicate AMD will not increase the number of cores with Zen 4; the existing 16 cores will remain at the top of the Mainstream range. If true, the IO Die could be like the top AM5 CPU keeping the 16 cores and using that silicon to improve performance with an AMD GPU as a specific intermediate cache, improving the performance of the new RDNA 3 GPUs as a kind of Infinity Cache with a single purpose.

Logically, this opens up a plethora of possibilities; of course, this is all speculative, but that is what is currently on the table. We’ll keep you updated.


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