New Hogwarts Legacy trailer

New Hogwarts Legacy trailer is supposed to be coming soon

A leaker who revealed a variety of details a bout Star Wars Eclipse before it was officially announced has also commented that we can expect to see more Hogwarts Legacy soon. AccNGT has mentioned on Twitter that “things got moving” for Hogwarts Legacy and they’re expecting a trailer soon. However, the previous comments about the game from this leaker also indicate more news is coming soon.

It was thought that a new Hogwarts Legacy trailer would be at The Game Awards but AccNGT states that Warner Bros hadn’t approved the trailer a few days before the event. As the leaker expected, the game was a no show.

Earlier in November, AccNGT also explained on Twitter that Hogwarts Legacy will have multiplayer even though it was announced as a single player game. They also added “we are not far from a new announcement” when talking about the game.

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