Netflix Acquires Oxenfree Developers

Netflix has acquired the developer of Oxenfree

Developer of Oxenfree, Night School Studio, has announced that they’ve joined the Netflix family today. Posting to Twitter, the company unveiled that as of today, they’ve joined the Netflix team. This makes them the first game development company to have been acquired by Netflix.

In their statement (, Sean Krankel the co-founder and studio director commented that Netflix has a good track record of supporting diverse storytellers and joining them felt like a natural fit for Night School Studio. The development of Oxenfree II has not been stopped by this and the statement adds that the Netflix team has shown them the ā€œutmost care for protectingā€ their studio culture and creative vision.

Nigh School Studio will continue to make games and Netflix also released a statement ( about the acquisition. However, it doesn’t mention if Netflix has more plans to acquire other game studios.

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