MotoGP 22 PS5 Gameplay Preview

Mike Alexander
game on PlayStation, MotoGP 22 on PS5. We look at the PS5 graphics, new gameplay mechanics and additions for the PlayStation 5 version of Moto GP 22.

Grand Prix motorcycle races tend to be some of the most exciting events to watch as an audience. The thrill of the track, the smell of burning rubber, and the close calls that keep everyone on the edge of their seats will always delight and engage people. Now, as in years past, you can bring that thrill to your living room with MotoGP 2022, the latest entry in the MotoGP series. This year, you’ll be able to play across over 20 recognisable tracks, with racers new and old. A host of brand new game features make the game a revitalised experience for fans of previous games. Let’s take a look at some of those features before the game’s release in a few short weeks.

So Many Riders

MotoGP 2022 features the largest roster of racing personalities in the series’ history. With over 120 racers from all over the world, you’re bound to find a racer you like. This number includes all of the racers participating in the real-life MotoGP 2022 season, as well as 70 historical racers from seasons past. Can the previous champions prevail, or will the new generation stomp them out of existence? It’ll all depend on who you play and how hard you’re willing to compete. 

Tracks Ready To Be Conquered

Over 20 race tracks await you, just begging to be learned and perfected. These international tracks are rendered in the highest detail, ensuring complete immersion in this racing simulation. You can almost feel the texture of the track, and the stress of being in the pit. As every racer vies for that coveted first position, you’ll have to rely on your racing instincts and personal knowledge of each turn and corner of these tracks to assert your dominance and come out on top.

Manage Your Own Team

In career mode, you will be able to live out your dreams of being a MotoGP manager. Put together your own team of amazing racers, or manage a real-life team. Either way, you will be in charge of everything from training, the development and maintenance of the bikes, and the hiring of staff to carry out other team-related duties. You can even customize the season for your team, selecting which calendar and events your racers will participate in. It sounds like a lot of responsibility, and it is, but watching your team grow from nothing into champions will be an incredible experience, and one you can only get in MotoGP 2022.

Multiplayer Competition

Online play returns in MotoGP 2022, allowing you to connect to your friends and compete for bragging rights from your separate houses. Crossplay implementation means that you will be able to connect to friends playing the game on different platforms as well, unifying MotoGP fans across console lines. And, for the first time, MotoGP 2022 has a two-player split-screen mode for couch-based multiplayer. Challenge your family in the best, most realistic MotoGP yet.


With these features, MotoGP 2022 is looking like it will be a hit for motorcycle racing fans. Rev your engines and don your helmet, MotoGP 2022 launches on April 21st, 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC via Steam.

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