Monark Deluxe Edition PS5 Gameplay Review

Mike Alexander
Monark PS5 Gameplay Preview. We take a closer preview look at the next anime RPG classic on Playstation 5, Monark.

Anime games hold a special place in my heart. I understand that they aren’t for everybody, but the experience of playing through the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei games are some of my favorite gaming memories. The characters and stories in these games resonated with me when I played them, and they have stayed with me long after I finished them. But, Atlus only graces us with games in these series every eight or so years, making fans wait nearly a decade for the next installment. Thankfully, NIS America publishes many series that scratch that itch for the next Persona, SMT, and even Final Fantasy. They have Persona covered with their upcoming game Monark, an anime-style high school adventure that has both students and staff taking on daemons from an alternate dimension.

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In Monark, you play as a student of Shin Mikado Academy, a Japanese high school that has a serious problem: it is being engulfed by a mysterious mist that drives people mad when they come into contact with it. Thankfully, your character can traverse both our world and the enigmatic Otherworld, where the mist is coming from. In the Otherworld, you will need to master the use of your summonable Fiends in battle. These spirits have different attacks and abilities, and can be upgraded or unlocked as your power grows through battle. Also, in typical Persona fashion, you will not be alone in battle. Throughout the story, you will meet new characters who can be added to your team and join you in the Otherworld. 

These other characters will also affect the development of your character. The dialogue choices you will make with the many students and staff of the academy will determine your character’s Ego, or where your character and his Fiend draw their strength from. This system appears to work in much the same manner as the S-link system in the Persona games. So, the more you interact with a character, the stronger your Ego will become in the aspect of that character’s beliefs. Manage these relationships wisely to maximize your strength for combat.

In a break from the Persona style, Monark presents its combat in a more free-form manner, where player movement is not determined by a grid. Rather, you can move each of your characters freely and position them in the most strategically advantageous ways possible. Once in position, your characters (called Pactbearers) can choose from a list of both physical and magic attacks, called Arts and Authority in this game. Arts are powerful physical attacks that are used at the cost of your character’s health points, and Authorities are magic attacks that cause your MAD gauge to increase, the same gauge that fills up when you come into contact with the mist. To be successful in combat against the daemons, you will need to balance both Arts and Authorities with the skills and abilities of your entire party.

For those waiting for the next Persona game, there’s no telling how long that wait will be. Thankfully, Monark is right around the corner, and its dark fantasy stylings look like it will fit that bill nicely. Strengthen your Ego, gather your party, and prepare to fight the other Pactbearers causing the chaos at your school when Monark releases on February 22nd, 2022.


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