Lost Ark Founder Packs Available


Pre-Orders for Amazon Games’ Lost Ark have now gone on sale. Touted as the “Foudners Pack” these premium add ons to the free to play game come in 4 editions, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. Each give you a whole array of different founder perks, that will only be available ahead of the full launch of Lost Ark in 2022.

About Lost Ark

Embark on an odyssey for the Lost Ark in a vast, vibrant world: explore new lands, seek out lost treasures, and test yourself in thrilling action combat. Define your fighting style with your class and advanced class, and customise your skills, weapons, and gear to bring your might to bear as you fight against hordes of enemies, colossal bosses, and dark forces seeking the power of the Ark in this action-packed free-to-play RPG.


3D Platformers ARE BACK!
3D Platformers ARE BACK!

Pre-Order Lost Ark Founder Editions on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3uTjjz6

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