Live Action Elden Ring

Elden Ring gets a short Soap Opera advertising

Fantasy RPG trailers can often get a little dull. They always featuring sweeping open world shorts, fighting enemies and dramatic sounds. Bandai Namco’s Southeast Asia office has decided to take a different route and create something much more interesting. While the video isn’t available in English, it does have English subtitles.

The four minute video was released to support and celebrate the commercial release of Elden Ring after various delays. The video isn’t much of a trailer but it does give us a look at the game for the last 50 seconds. Instead it focuses on a dramatic live action retelling of the opening cinematic from Elden Ring. The video is clearly inspired by soap operas and it’s easy to forget this is a game advertisement while watching the video.

It’s a spoiler free video that has Thai audio but it does have English subtitles on the video.


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New Console Coming? Half Life 2 on Switch & More

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