Limited Edition Super Nintendo World Merch is Coming to Universal Studios Hollywood


In a tweet released last week from Nintendo America’s official Twitter account, it was announced that Super Nintendo World merchandise was officially coming to Universal Studios Hollywood due to the Super Nintendo World themed area also making a debut to Hollywood’s Universal Studios – a continuation of the massively popular variant at the Japanese Universal Studios theme park.

This comes as a massive surprise to Nintendo and Mario fans alike who could only wish of visiting the official Super Nintendo World themed area in Japan, as now, there is going to be another version of the attraction potentially closer to home (if you live in North America, that is – Nintendo, we still need a version in Europe please). 

This breath of great news is also accompanied by limited edition Super Nintendo World themed merchandise, which it seems will feature a Mario and Yoshi plush, Mario and Luigi hats, and drawstring bags with Mario and Peach designs. It is unsure if there will be more pieces of merchandise that were not revealed in the tweet, but it is confirmed that the items will be released only for a limited amount of time in the official Universal Studio Store at the theme park in California. 

Construction is already reportedly underway for the new Super Nintendo World theme park coming to America and will be very similar to Japan’s hit success variant of the Super Nintendo World featuring attractions and characters that can be seen in the massively popular games. For fans of the Mario franchise, this is really nice news, as you no longer have to venture that far depending on where you are on the globe. For fans based in Europe however, they are sadly both equal distances from our homeland unfortunately. 

To wrap up, Nintendo of America’s tweet revealed a brand-new Super Nintendo World themed area coming to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, akin to Japan’s Super Nintendo World. This news was also accompanied by limited edition merchandise from the Mario series, which will be available for purchase from the Hollywood Universal Studio Store. Unfortunately at this time it does not seem that this merchandise will be available for purchase online. 

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