LG laptops and Intel CPUs can now upgrade to Windows 11!


LG’s announcement of its new LG Gram laptops is sure to be a talking point. And although the features are up to what is expected of a new model, it is more than likely that the entire range will be left out of the support of the new Windows 11. And it may do so because its CPU, despite being an Intel 11th Gen, will not have the coveted TPM.

Microsoft’s specifications for its future operating system will likely generate a lot of discussion. Redmond is not backing down and has disclosed the requirements for its next generation operating system, but this will mean that many devices will be left out of support, as appears to be the case with the LG Gram.

Trusted Execution is not available in Intel’s G-series mobile CPUs

When we look at the specifications of these laptops, we can tell without a doubt that they have incredibly capable and current generation CPUs, with the i7-1165G7 being the most popular option picked by the manufacturer. Regardless of model, neither the prior generation nor this 11th Generation feature an essential prerequisite for Windows 11 installation: the well-known Intel Trusted Execution.

What is the significance of this? Because it enables the processor to encrypt data using Intel PTT. This technology is an essential aspect of Microsoft’s security requirements for their new operating system. This is an abbreviation for Platform Trust Technology, and it is based on the much-desired TPM 2.0, which is required for Windows 11, except that instead of being a physical Intel chip, it is based on its firmware as fTPM.

As a result, the requirements would be met in the same way that they are in desktop processors, where practically all models include TXT technology and hence the ability to enable Intel PTT. However, the LG Gram with these processors is not capable of running Windows 11.

Not all TPM versions are valid

Nonetheless, and despite the fact that this is an undeniable reality, LG claims that its laptops are encrypted with TPM, but interestingly, no web or model specifications reveal which version they are using and with which chip.

This is significant because only chips that support TPM 2.0 pass Microsoft’s validation, while LG does not claim, much less guarantee or advertise that its LG Gram laptops are compatible or upgradeable with Windows 11, despite the fact that all brands are in the midst of or have finished selling this OS.

Furthermore, the prior batch of similar laptops did not appear to feature a compatible TPM chip, leaving many customers with apprehension and the nagging suspicion that LG has caught the bull by the horns. The logical difficulty is that a laptop cannot now be installed a compliant TPM 2.0 chip, and as far as we know, LG does not have one customized or on boards currently, so it would rely in any instance on an external manufacturer and that the board had it soldered before leaving the factory.

In any case, if you want Windows 11, it is best to wait and not buy, to see which manufacturers provide support and which do not, since the market is upside down, Intel does not provide firmware support and being cautious can save us trouble.


After long conversations with LG and Intel we can shed more light on this issue. Intel confirms that “Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) is not a requirement for TPM, but Intel TXT is a feature that uses TPM”, something we already knew and that is now even clearer.

On the other hand, LG confirms that LG Gram laptops are upgradeable to Windows 11, so we understand that since the processors mounted on these devices do not use Intel TXT (as stated in the technical characteristics of each processor), the brand must have previously installed a TPM 2.0 chip on board in order to pass Microsoft certification.

We are pending validation of this information to clarify all this, but it is the only plausible answer we can think of. The second would be a firmware enabling Intel PTT without TXT, but this is very unlikely because according to the technical documents, Intel TXT works with MEI in a kind of unbreakable security package, so the first option takes more strength if possible.

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