Joystick Drift on Steam Deck

Steam Deck has its Joystick Drift issue fixed immediately

The Steam Deck first started shipping recently and players have already begun reporting joystick drift issues similar to the ones reported for the Nintendo Switch. Valve has immediately looked into the issue and has issued a response along with a fix for it.

Steam Deck designer Lawrence Yang has posted to Twitter and confirmed that the team discovered the problem. He states it as caused by “deadzone regression from a recent firmware update” and that they’ve released an update to fix it. The new update was released on March 2nd so if you have a Steam Deck suffering from the joystick drift issue, make sure the device is up to date.

Valve has only started shipping the first-quarter units and there’s no launch date for the second wave yet. This does mean that anyone getting the device at a later date can be assured the joystick drift issue has already been fixed.


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