Is Half-Life 2 Already On Switch?!

Half-Life 2 is secretly on the Nintendo Switch

OatmealDome, a well-known Switch dataminer, posted on Twitter ( after successfully running Half-Life 2 on the console. It appears that the full game files were hidden within the recently released Portal collection for the Nintendo Switch console. This appears to be a work in progress, but the game is operational even if it does not function properly.

Half-Life 2 on Switch crashes on occasion, but that’s not all. According to OatmealDome, “some maps are impossible to progress in,” and the save feature does not work at all. Furthermore, the NPC animations are broken, and the world cameras do not spawn correctly. The gameplay video on YouTube shows the game running reasonably well, but it’s not perfect.

One of the reasons this works so well, according to the modder, is that Portal 1 is a “glorified mode for Half-Life 2.” Despite some issues, this allows Half-Life 2 to run on the Nintendo Switch. However, it’s puzzling why nearly the entire game was included in the Portal Companion Collection for the Nintendo Switch.


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