Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU -128 EU, 1024 cores at 2.2 GHz


Intel appears to be testing a new DG2 model with Xe-HPG GPU technology that reaches 2 GHz. This discrete desktop version was found in the Geekbench database and evaluated on a desktop platform of the 11th generation.

Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU detected with clock speeds up to 2.2 GHz

The DG2 GPU with Xe-HPG architecture is a discrete desktop graphics card. It’s so because it has been tested on a workstation with an Intel Core i5-11400T CPU and a 16GB DDR4-2133 ASUS B560M-PLUS motherboard and also has a configuration that we haven’t seen in LP’s mobile Xe versions.

The Xe-HPG DG2 GPU contains 128 execution units, which are 1024 cores, in terms of specifications. The fastest Xe-LP GPU, the Iris Xe Max, is made out of 96 EU cores, up to 1.65 GHz for a total of 768 cores. The last 128 EU Xe GPU clocked at 1.90 GHz, but this time the same configuration clocks at 2.2 GHz, and it is the first Intel GPU to break up the 2.0 GHz Barrier.

At the same time, while the clock speeds and specifications seem outstanding, the performance of the Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU is lower, most probably because of inadequate driver support. The result for OpenCL is 13710, which hardly matches the graphics card AMD Radeon RX 550. So, Intel still has a lot of fine-tuning with its drivers in various APIs and workloads when it comes to graphic performance. The current update reveals the 1.9 GHz variant’s performance at par with the GeForce GTX 1650 Ti. Xe-HPG is rumoured to be launched during CES 2022, so they still have time to do this.

Intel Xe-HPG DG2 Gaming GPU Line-up

Each Xe-HPG-based DG2 GPU SKU has different configurations ranging from the entire chip to several scaled-down variants. It is comparable with the naming patterns for Ampere GA102-400 and GA102-200 of NVIDIA and AMD Navi 21 XTX, Navi 21 XT and Navi 21 XL.

Discrete Gaming Graphics Cards from Intel

So far, just one configuration of the top DG2 512 EU type has been described, and it uses the entire array with 4096 cores, a 256-bit bus interface, and up to 16 GB GDDR6 memory (8 GB GDDR6 recorded as well). Intel may produce other types of flagship chips, depending on demand and yield, but we cannot be sure at this time.

The DG512 EU chip is estimated at 396 mm2 with a size greater than that offered by the AMD RDNA 2 and NVIDIA Ampere. The DG2-512 GPU will be available in a BGA-2660 packaging measuring 37.5 mm x 43 mm. The Ampere GA104 GPU from NVIDIA counts 392 mm2; therefore, the DG2 chip is comparable. However, the Navi 22 GPU measures 336 mm2, or around 60 mm2 less. Although this is not the final chip size, it should be quite close.


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New Console Coming? Half Life 2 on Switch & More

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