Intel goes after AMD with its new CPUs

Intel goes after AMD with its new CPUs: 24 Cores, 5.5 GHz and DDR5 RAM

Although the 12th Generation Intel Core processors (Alder Lake) are not yet on the streets, the roadmap and the complete line of 13th Generation Intel Raptor Lake CPUs have been leaked. It also includes the Core i9 models with 24 physical cores, with which the company could give a real blow on the table to leave AMD behind. Let’s dive deep into the article to find what Intel could be planning.

Things are pretty hot in the processor market, where both Intel and AMD never stop showing off their weapons, and every time new information about one of them appears, it seems to represent the ace in the hole they need, to leave the other one behind. Today it’s Intel’s turn with its 13th Generation Core processors (codenamed Raptor Lake), with which it could genuinely leave AMD’s Ryzen behind, at least in terms of raw power.

Intel Raptor Lake-S Processors: Rumoured to have up to 24 cores

Raptor Lake-S processors will supersede Alder Lake-S (which is expected to be released this year) and include two whole new core designs. Raptor Cove for performance cores and Gracemont for efficiency cores, while this 13th Generation of the brand’s CPUs will consist of hybrid architecture like Alder Lake.

According to leaked information, the processor portfolio would be divided into three parts depending on power recommendations (all of which have been disclosed). K-series enthusiast SKUs with 125W TDP, mainstream SKUs with 65W TDP, and low-power SKUs with as little as 35W TDP are among them. In terms of high-end variations, machines with up to 24 cores are available, followed by 16-core, 10-core, 4-core, and 2-core variants.

Core i9 versions featuring up to 8 Raptor Cove cores and 16 Gracemont cores, for a total of 24 cores and 32 threads, will be available in enthusiast desktop SKUs. The Core i7 line will have 16 cores (8 + 8), the Core i5 line will have 14 cores (8 + 6), while the Core i3 line will have four cores (all high performance).

This CPU lineup will also include Pentium versions with only two Raptor Cove cores and all variants with a 32 EU (256 cores) improved Xe integrated GPU. Several Core i5 and Pentium models will also include a 24 EU or 16 EU iGPU.

Other facts include a bigger L2 cache dubbed “Game Cache,” and the operating rates of these Intel Raptor Lake-S processors will offer a 200 MHz boost, allowing us to reach speeds of 5.5 GHz easily. The chips will also enable faster DDR5 RAM rates, with native speeds of up to 5,600 MHz.

Power requirements: The tricky issue

The PL1 rating of the 125W Raptor Lake-S model will be 125W (the same as in performance mode), the PL2 rating will be 188W (253W in performance mode), and the PL4 rating will be 238W (314W in performance mode). As previously noted, the PL4 rating has reduced due to the recently installed reactive operation. However, the PL2 rating has grown significantly when compared to Alder Lake.

The 65W Alder Lake chips feature PL1 ratings of 65W (the same as in performance mode), PL2 ratings of 133W (219W in performance), and PL4 ratings of 179W (277W in performance mode). 

It certainly appears that Intel is lifting the performance threshold significantly. Still, it is also raising the power consumption significantly, and we shall see what happens to the heat transfer requirements as a result.


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