Hyper Scape Is Shut Down

Hyper Scape servers to be taken offline after 18 months

Ubisoft has announced that the servers for Hyper Scape will be taken offline this year. Posting to the official Hyper Scape website (https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/hyper-scape/news-updates/37U6BBTVWevDWEZHY48x3g), Ubisoft revealed that the battle royale is shutting down in April.

The sad announcement states that the team has made the “difficult decision to end development of Hyper Scape”. While the game is closing down, they will be “taking key learnings from this game” into the future as they work on new projects.

While the news is sad for fans of the game, for most it’s not too surprising. Hyper Scape has never reached the high popularity levels it needed and the player count has dropped drastically since it’s release in 2020. The game is most likely being taken down so the servers can be allocated elsewhere.

Hyper Scape servers will be closing on April 28th though an exact time on that day has not been provided yet by Ubisoft. There has been no news about Ubisoft issuing refunds for recent purchases of the game.

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