Humble Bundle removing Mac and Linux users

Humble Bundle might be removing Mac and Linux users soon

Humble Choice subscribers received an email this week giving them an update about some changes coming to their subscriptions. As part of the changes, Mac and Linux versions of games will be removed from the Humble Trove but the Windows versions will be staying. After February 1st, it will no longer be possible to download Mac or Linux versions of Humble Trove games.

The email also informed subscribers that Humble Choice was becoming more simple. Subscribers will no longer choose what games to keep each month. Humble is opting to make it so subscribers keep all the games each month. In addition to this, the “Humble Games Collection” is being introduced for current subscribers and many of the Trove games will be included in this.

Humble also revealed that as part of this new simplicity, they’re introducing a Windows-only client to access subscriber benefits. This includes the Humble Games Collection.

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