How To Preserve Gaming History

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer supports game emulation for game preservation

Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke with Axios recently and revealed that he supports legal game emulation. He wants the gaming industry to work together for the common goal of keeping older games available to modern audiences through emulation.

The Evercade is a great example of Retro Gaming Preservation.

Spencer stated that he hopes the industry will work on allowing legal emulation so that modern hardware will be able to run older games. While game emulation is popular among games, preservationists and pirates, most are illegal and not supported by the industry. These kinds of emulators are also very limited in terms of what they can support but, they do preserve older games.

Nintendo’s recent push of preserving the N64 & Sega Genesis Experience

Xbox has made a big push towards backwards compatibility of the past few years. Last week, the brand added over 70 games to the program which will most likely be it’s last. This is due to issues with licensing and copyright issues which often makes legal emulators difficult.

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