Horizon Forbidden West is 100GB!?

Horizon Forbidden West may need 100GB of storage space

It looks as though the file size for Horizon Forbidden West is pretty hefty. The PlayStation Game Size Twitter account (https://twitter.com/PlaystationSize/status/1484697995123830784?s=20) has posted an updated statement about the size of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive. The information is also specific to the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

Horizon Forbidden West is not listed in Japan yet so information on file size for that region is missing. The US version of the game will be just under 86GB while the European version will be just over 96GB. While there’s no explanation why, this is most likely due to the language packs included for the EU copies.

This isn’t the final day one file size for Horizon Fobidden West however. A day one patch is expected which could mean that EU players need up to 120GB of space on their console.  Horizon Forbidden West will release on February 11th next month.


BEST Games Coming To Nintendo Switch!
BEST Games Coming To Nintendo Switch!

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