Horizon Chase Turbo – Senna Forever DLC


As the first major expansion for Horizon Chase Turbo — which currently boasts an “overwhelmingly positive” review metric on Steam with more than 2,400 reviews — Horizon Chase Turbo – Senna Forever is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest motorsports athletes of all time. Aquiris Game Studio hasn’t skimped on content either, with this DLC bringing 12,000 RPM worth of new features, new maps, new skins, and for the first time, local multiplayer! And returning to keep the stoke high and the vibes groovy is composer Barry Leitch, who created the pulse-pounding soundtrack for the original game.

Horizon Chase Turbo – Senna Forever Key Features:

  • It’s Senna’s World, You’re Just Driving It: Relive more than 40 of the iconic driver’s most legendary races spread across five all-new chapters, including 130 “Senna’s Marks” achievements in Career Mode
  • If You Ain’t First, You’re Last: Prove yourself worthy of the name Senna by smoking your pals in 4-player local multiplayer
  • New Cars, New Tracks, New Teams: 15 new tracks based on famous circuits, six playable cars in Career Mode, 34 playable cars in Championship Mode, and 18 teams to unlock in Championship Mode
  • See the World Through Senna’s Eyes: A first for the series is the all-new First-Person driving mode, placing players in the cockpit of a world-class racecar

Horizon Chase Turbo: Senna Forever is now available for PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, iOS, and Android devices for $5.99 USD —  the new content does require the base game Horizon Chase Turbo.

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