Hogwarts Legacy still set for a 2022 release

Hogwarts Legacy still set for a 2022 release

The official Warner Bros Brazil Twitter page (https://twitter.com/WarnerPlayBR/status/1483108301965606916?s=20) recently posted a highlight reel of WB published games coming this year. It mentions various games including Suicide Squad and Hogwarts Legacy.

Recently there have been rumours claiming Hogwarts Legacy will be delayed from 2022. However, this mention (https://twitter.com/WarnerPlayBR/status/1483108324061196291?s=20) from WB suggests otherwise. Known leaker AccNGT has stated that Hogwarts Legacy is on track for release this year. They also claim that the only think that could delay it is the “amount of games that will be released in the same period”.

Details on Hogwarts Legacy are still very limited and we haven’t seen anything on this game since it was announced in 2020. With an expected 2022 release date, we should be hearing more about this title very soon.

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