Hitman 3 is getting a second year of support


Developer IO Interactive has announced that Hitman 3 will be getting a Year 2 and a second year of support. Posting the announcement to the official blog (https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-3-year-2/), it was revealed that brand new content is coming to the game next year. 

IO Interactive has confirmed that new maps, storylines and modes are all coming to the game in 2022. A major content update is planned to be released in Spring 2022 which will bring a lot of new additions and changes. At the same time, the developer has confirmed that VR support is coming to PC in January 2022 in addition to ray tracing. A new way to play Elusive Targets is also coming to the game in the form of a mode called Elusive Target Arcade.

The development team working on Hitman 3 will have a lot to announce and release throughout next year. More details will be announced as the release dates for each new update comes closer.

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