Hell Pie Is Disgusting!! PS5 Gameplay Review

Aj takes a look at the Playstation release of Hell Pie the NSFW platform action adventure game. he takes a preview look at Hell Pie on PS5, the graphics, gameplay and story of hell pie and it’s Playstation 5 release.

In the underworld, there are few causes for celebration. How can anybody party and be happy in a place that is just heat and endless torture? Well, the denizens of Hell always find a way to get lit for Satan’s birthday, and this year they have something extra special in mind.

No birthday party would be complete without a birthday cake, even one that takes place in the ninth circle of Hell. So, to complete the event, one demon has been given the task of crossing between realms to gather up all of the necessary ingredients and bake Satan’s cake. 

That demon is named Nate, and he is the demon of bad taste. As the patron demon of the eighth deadly sin, he is the only creature qualified to make a cake evil and disgusting enough for the king of Hell. Well, it’s less of a cake and more of a Hell Pie.

Developed by Sluggerfly and published by Headup, Hell Pie is a throwback to the good old days of the mascot platforming adventures like Banjo Kazooie or Crash Bandicoot, but with an added layer of filth and poor humor. With the game’s release around the corner, let’s take a look at what Hell Pie will bring to the table upon its release.

Mascot Mayhem

At first glance, you might think that Hell Pie is a family-friendly action game from the early 2000s. The cute, colorful characters and creative stages give the game a very soft and friendly first impression. However, don’t let those things fool you.

Hell Pie is by no means family friendly. This is classic action-adventure gameplay dressed up in gaudy outfits and covered in viscera. As you jump, dash, and fight through four worlds, each with their own unique setting, you will encounter extreme violence, grotesque beings, and all kinds of bodily fluids.

Chained Cherub

Nate won’t be on his own in his search for disgusting ingredients. His “pet” (more likely prisoner) angel named Nugget will accompany him and constantly be by Nate’s side… against Nugget’s will. 

Players can use Nugget as a grappling hook for platforming, a weapon for combat, or even as a guide when they are lost. His huge, dead eyes and chubby appearance make Nugget immediately endearing, though you can tell something is not quite right with him.

Traversal and Trinkets

Nate will have access to a wide range of movements for both combat and traversal, and both styles can be combined to freestyle paths to seemingly unreachable areas. Each level’s setting lends itself to containing many hidden secrets, but mastery over all of Nate’s moves will be your key to getting anywhere you want to go.

These secret areas might even contain some of the game’s many collectible items.Gather these up to add to your collection, or hunt them down on your next playthrough for more replayability. There is also a store where you can purchase all kinds of outfits for Nate that will keep him true to his title of “demon of bad taste”.


All of this and even more filthy, vile things await you in Hell Pie. If you think you have the stomach for this adventure, you can pick up the game on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 on July 21st.


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