Halo Infinite Multiplayer has launched

Halo Infinite Multiplayer has launched into Beta early

The rumours were true, during the Xbox 20th year anniversary stream it was announced that the Halo Infinite multiplayer has launched early. It’s not in full release however. The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta launched on November 15th during the anniversary stream.

As previously announced, the Halo Infinite multiplayer is free to download and play on both Xbox and PC. The multiplayer can be downloaded from the Xbox store for both platforms, Steam on PC and also from the Xbox Game Pass.

A video game analyst has been keeping an eye on the surprise launch of the game. Posting Twitter, Danial Ahmad comments that after only 2.5 hours the Halo Infinite multiplayer surpassed 162k concurrent players. This makes it the most successful Xbox Game Studios game on Steam so far. However, this number is only for Steam and doesn’t include the concurrent players on Game Pass PC or Windows Store PC.

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