Grid Legends PS5 Gameplay Review

Mike Alexander
Arcade racing games don’t come much better than Grid, so taking a preview look at Grid Legends on PS5 is a real privilege. Grid Legends on Playstation 5 offers massive multiplayer races, tons of new tracks and vehicles, and the Driven To Glory mode, GRID Legends is looking like the first big arcade racing game of the year

Racing games are one of the most consistently fun video game genres out there. Regardless of which series you load up, you’re probably going to have a great time driving a very expensive car, very irresponsibly in some exotic locale. Especially arcade racers, like the GRID series. Made by the car junkies at Codemasters, the GRID games have been one of the developer’s premier racing series, in addition to DiRT and the F1 games. But whereas those games cover rally racing and Formula One specifically, GRID is all about offering multiple styles of race. Especially in the newest addition to the GRID series, the upcoming GRID Legends

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In GRID Legends, you will sit in the driver’s seat of many different types of vehicles including electric racecars, hypercars, open wheels, muscle cars, and tuners, and engage in a number of different race types. Show off your mastery over your vehicle and your knowledge of a given track with the ultra-smooth Drift events, bash your way to first place, taking no prisoners in Super Stadium Trucks, and even compete against the game’s many vehicle types in Multi-Class races. These are just a few of the racing options provided by GRID Legends, and while they are intense enough in single-player mode against the cutthroat AI, all of these events are also available in online matches with up to 22 total players on the track at once. That’s a lot of competition, and with the included cross-play capability, your opponents could be on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC!

Take your races all over the world, with tracks located in Yokohama, Barcelona, London, Dubai, and many more! These locales and their iconic tracks are recreated in stunning detail, down to the last blade of grass. Not that you’ll be able to take note of the incredible environmental detail when you have 21 other players on your tail trying to take you out. Also, with the new Race Creator, you can make your own race events that will put your and your friends’ skills to the test! Every race type and location is available in this mode for you to mix and match to your liking, to create a diabolical event that will separate the champs from the chumps.

New to GRID Legends is the Driven To Glory live-action story mode, which includes several well-known actors portraying fully fleshed out characters in the GRID universe. In between races, these cutscenes will tell a story full of the drama, intrigue, and thrill that encapsulates the experience of being a racer in a high-stakes tournament. This story will tie all of your events together, giving each win and loss more weight than previous games in the GRID series.

With massive multiplayer races, tons of new tracks and vehicles, and the Driven To Glory mode, GRID Legends is looking like the first big arcade racing game of the year, and it will be in the hands of eager players very soon. GRID Legends hits store shelves and digital on February 25th, 2022.


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