Gran Turismo 7 PS5 Gameplay Review

Mike Alexander
Gran Turismo 7 PS5 Gameplay Preview. The definitive playstation 5 gameplay preview of Gran Turismo 7. Aj takes a closer look at the gameplay, graphics, mechanics and play-through of Gran Turismo 7 on the PS5.

One of the most saddening delays caused by the COVID 19 pandemic was Polyphony Digital’s return to the track with PlayStation’s legendary racing sim series Gran Turismo 7. Long before Xbox had Forza, PlayStation gamers were burning digital rubber in Gran Turismo, and the series continues to be not just an incredible simulator for fans of cars and racing, but also a showcase for the capabilities of Sony’s hardware. The Gran Turismo games consistently push the envelope in terms of presentation and graphical fidelity, and Gran Turismo 7 doesn’t seem like it will be the one to break that trend. Before the game speeds onto PlayStation 5 consoles in a few weeks, here are some things you should know.

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If you’ve been following Gran Turismo 7’s development, then you’ve been painfully aware of the year-long wait like I have. It was originally supposed to launch shortly after the PS5’s launch, but complications in the development caused by new safety guidelines pushed that release farther out. Thankfully, the team at Polyphony Digital has had an extra year to polish the game, and oh boy does it look polished. The power of the PS5’s hardware is on full display, with Gran Turismo 7 looking better than it ever has before thanks to real-time ray tracing, full 4K output at 60 frames per second, and support for HDR. Further, it makes full use of the DualSense’s adaptive triggers, the SSD’s fast loading times, and 3D spatial audio for those with compatible headphones. 

With graphics this realistic, you could almost forget you’re playing a video game. This could be part of the game’s design, as the level of simulation provided by Gran Turismo 7 is truly impressive. Keep track of the maintenance of all of your vehicles, including car washes to keep them shiny and clean, and oil changes to keep them running at peak performance. You’ll also need to earn different licenses to be admitted to higher tiers of races. 

For new players who may not be up to date with the entire 25-year history of Gran Turismo, this new entry includes a mode called the “Gran Turismo Cafe”, where you can complete quests in the form of menu books, which will unlock cutscenes and commentary tracks that discuss the creation and development of the many cars in the game, keeping in the series spirit of catering to die-hards in car culture.

It has been many years since a true, full-fat Gran Turismo game has graced PlayStation consoles. Gran Turismo 6 came out in 2013, almost a decade ago. The PS4 did receive Gran Turismo Sport in 2017, but it severely cut down the number of cars and features, and focused more on the online competitive aspect of the game rather than the full single-player experience that the numbered games have. Gran Turismo 7 is a return to that full experience, with a vast collection of cars, a host of tracks and competitions, and all the lovely minutiae that come with maintaining high-performance vehicles. So strap in and get in gear, Gran Turismo 7 hits PS5 on March 4th, 2022.


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