Google Pixel 6 VS iPhone 13


The Pixel 6 is Google’s best bet to beat the iPhone

Google has unveiled the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in an announcement that may be considered a teaser. Both models will be released in the fall, but Mountain View has opted to give us a taste of what they have in store. According to the announcement, its essential uniqueness is the Google Tensor as the first in-house processor in its mobiles.

Google’s head of hardware, Rick Osterloh, spoke with The Verge about the new Pixel 6. And it is evident from the chat that they want to compete with the luxury line of smartphones this time. It translates to Samsung and Apple, albeit we know from the demos that they’re talking about the iPhone. After more than eleven years since the Nexus and fifteen generations of smartphones, Google intends to battle with the iPhone. This time it’s for real.

All for the Tensor chip

One of the key differences between these versions and prior generations is their screens. The Pixel 6 Pro will have a 6.7-inch QHD+ display and a refresh rate of 120Hz, while the Pixel 6 will have a 6.4-inch FHD+ display and a refresh rate of 90Hz. Three camera sensors round out the offering, with the highest model getting a folding fourx telephoto lens.

However, what Google has highlighted this generation in this Pixel 6 preview is its Tensor chip. It is an SoC, or system on a chip, which has more than a processor. To be more efficient, it incorporates numerous components in one location, as done by Apple.

In the upcoming Pixel 6, the Tensor will have a TPU for artificial intelligence operations, a Titan M2 chip for security, a CPU, GPU, and a 5G modem. Google has not provided any additional information on the last three. The TPU is a mobile-optimized iteration of the processor it introduced in 2016 to make the massive leap to Machine Learning in its servers.

The Tensor chip is the most notable feature of this device since Google has finally placed its processor in a smartphone

When it comes to regular use, the Tensor chip will have a variety of uses. It increasing the photography of moving targets is one of those features. Another feature is enhancing the video captured in challenging conditions, which was previously the Pixel’s weak spot. The remainder is concerned with real-time language translation and near-instantaneous dictation. These functions are carried out entirely on the device, with no need for the cloud.

After fifteen previous endeavours, “this time it will be different”

Osterloh’s statements make it apparent that both models will compete in the premium smartphone market. In other words, they will cost roughly $1,000, which is the price point that Samsung and Apple broke with their phones years ago. However, the history of Google’s smartphones is not encouraging.

Google has released as many as fifteen generations of smartphones throughout the years. Since the release of the Nexus One in 2010, the search engine firm has released model after model, often multiple in the same year, for a total of eight. The Nexus was buried in 2015, making a place for the seven Pixel versions we saw so far in 2016.

The Tensor SoC in the Pixel 6 has numerous unknowns, including its CPU and GPU cores and the manufacturer behind its production

The Pixel’s declining sales and its small market share of roughly 2% in North America (its native market) do not inspire confidence. It incorporates a new processor, upping the price and expecting customers to recognize it as a premium terminal overlooks vital points.

An inferior distribution is hampered by a lack of significant markets and a lack of presence in merchants and phone stores. To add up, a mediocre ecology and a badly consolidated concept flesh out the flaws in a product that has received nearly entirely positive evaluations in the technology press.


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