God of War 60K on Steam?!

God of War gets over 60,000 concurrent players on Steam release day

God of War has finally released on PC and SteamDB has revealed just how popular the release has been. According to SteamDB (https://steamdb.info/app/1593500/graphs/), God of War has reached various impressive milestones within the first 24 hours of release.

The game hit over 65,000 concurrent players on its first day of release on PC and is the number 1 top seller at the moment. God of War on PC has already gained over 97% positive reviews and the 24-hour peak of Twitch viewers of over 90,000 people. 

While these numbers are sure to decrease over the coming weeks, it’s clear that there’s a big demand for the God of War series on PC. Sony also released Horizon Zero Dawn on PC which peaked at over 56,000 players on release day.

While God of War originally released in 2018 for the PS4, Sony has only just brought a ported version over to PC for a Steam release. Sony is looking to bring more of its exclusive to PC in the future.

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