Ghostwire Tokyo Developer Preview

Ghostwire: Tokyo gets a developer deep-dive ahead of release

Ghostwire: Tokyo has been a bit of a mystery since Bethesda announced it in 2019. The game is finally almost released so it’s first gameplay deep-dive video has now been released. It gives us a look at how the game actually works including the combat mechanics, the open world and a little bit more about the plot.

The game is set in a haunted open-world Tokyo after “The Vanishing” where 99% of the population as mysteriously vanished. Tokyo has now become overrun with spirits from Japanese mythology and there’s now a demon called K.K. living in the players head. Working with your demon ally, you must figure out what happened to Tokyo and save the city from some kind of supernatual evil.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will finally release on March 25th as a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive. It will also release for PC on that date but the Xbox Series X won’t be receiving it for at least 12 months.


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