Exporimal Announced

PlayStation State of Play announces a new co-op action game with dinosaurs

The most recent PlayStation State of Play event started by announcing a brand new game from Capcom. The reveal trailer for Exoprimal has already gained a lot of interest due to the hope that Dino Crisis will be making a come back. Exoprimal is not Dino Crisis but it might scratch that itch when it releases.

Exoprimal is a co-op action game where players need to exterminate dinosaurs after vortexes throw them into the modern world. The reveal trailer shows the game in third person with a range of different weapons and characters that have diffferent roles. One character wields a sword while another is seen with a large shield to hold back the waves of incoming dinosaurs.

This is a team-based game and it will feature both PvE and PvP missions. Dino Survival is the main mode where two teams of five players will compete in a variety of missions including some PvP.

Capcom confirms that Exoprimal will release in 2023.

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