Evil Dead The Game PS5 Gameplay Preview

Mike Alexander
We take a closer look at Ash’s latest outing in the Evil Dead The Game on Playsation 5.

A rickety, dilapidated shack sits alone in the middle of the woods. Its splinter-ridden front steps and porch border dirty, smudged windows that obfuscate what or who is inside. Suddenly, flashing light forces its way through the layer of grime on the windows, and you can make out frantic movement. There’s some kind of struggle and you hear a shotgun blast quickly followed by the revving of a chainsaw and the subsequent sound of spattering blood and ripping flesh. 

Then, there is silence. Thudding footsteps make their way to the front door of the shack, which then gets kicked open. A blood-covered man stands in the doorway. He has a sawed-off shotgun in one hand, and a chainsaw where his other hand should be. There’s a zoom-in to his face, and with blood-matted hair and a sly grin, he utters a single word: “Groovy”.

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Ash is Back

Created by the masters at Saber Interactive and published by Boss Team Games, Evil Dead: The Game marks Bruce Campbell’s return to the Ash character following the end of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. This cooperative multiplayer/PVP game has all of your favorite classic characters, along with new characters introduced in the most recent series. 

The game is scheduled to release on May 13th, 2022. With that date quickly approaching, let’s take a look at some of the groovy features and mechanics of Evil Dead: The Game.

The Gang’s All Here

Evil Dead: The Game stars Ash, who is once again played by the ever incredible Bruce Campbell. To have Ash be played by anybody else would be akin to sacrilege! Joined by Ash are his companions from Ash Vs. Evil Dead, Kelly Maxwell and Pablo Simon Bolivar played by Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago respectively. The game also features characters from across the many Evil Dead iterations, including Scotty and Lord Maxwell.

Obviously, you can’t have an Evil Dead game without the titular Evil Dead. The Kandarian Demon makes an appearance in physical form, as do the many special deadites from the series.

You’ll be Dead by Daylight, Baby

Continuing in the tradition of film series being turned into asymmetrical survival games, Evil Dead: The Game will look and feel awfully familiar for anyone who has played Dead by Daylight or Friday the 13th: The Game.

Players can choose to play as Ash and the group of heroes, fighting off deadites and collecting pages of the Necronomicon until you can perform a spell to seal the Kandarian Demon away once more.

If being a goody-two-shows isn’t your style, you can also choose to play as the Kandarian Demon and do your best to terrorize the heroes to make sure your reign of evil never ends. You’ll be able to summon and possess special deadites with various abilities that will ruin Ash’s day.


Evil Dead: The Game looks to be the premiere Evil Dead video game experience for fans of the series. It even includes a single-player mode, though you will still be required to have an internet connection to enjoy it. 

The game will be released for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC on May 13th, 2022.

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