Every Nintendo Switch Accessory You Need!

Every Nintendo Switch Accessory You Need!

Santa just got you a brand new Nintendo Switch console but he forgot to get you any accessories! Don’t worry, we go over absolutely every Nintendo Switch accessory you need, right here, on 128KB! Including controllers, cases, grips and more.

Pro Controller: https://geni.us/9bN21
3rd Party ‘Peech’: https://geni.us/D8BF
JoyCons (Zelda Edition): https://geni.us/dYa9tbj

Thumb Grips
Skull and Co: https://geni.us/gf1o

Hori Split Pad Pro: https://geni.us/yYduyR

Handheld Grip Cases
Skull and Co: https://geni.us/Mjm9rUj
ZenGrip Pro: https://geni.us/InTx6NB

Travel Case
Mario Stealth Case: https://geni.us/h2gvml

Game Cases
Minecraft Case: https://geni.us/RYbYfv
Hori 24 Game Case: https://geni.us/FZiJTM

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