Elden Ring gameplay footage leaked


Elden Ring is an extremely anticipated upcoming game that’s being eagerly awaited by many gamers. The game will be releasing in January next year so it’s no surprise it’s currently being assessed by different rating boards across the world. 

The Gameplay footage shown from twitter below, shows nothing but a few seconds of the game in action, but is reportedly from an Xbox One X, I’ll you guys be the judge of it.

Also the game has now been officially rated in Australia. The new rating (https://www.classification.gov.au/titles/elden-ring-0) for the game has come from Australia which lists the game as a MA15+ game. This rating isn’t too much of a surprise however since this was also given to various Dark Souls games, Bloodborne and Sekiro. Elden Ring follows the style of those games with “strong fantasy themes and violence”. The inclusion of “online interactivity” also added to the rating of the game.

There was also a Korean rating (https://www.grac.or.kr/Statistics/Popup/Pop_ReasonInfo.aspx?c4cbefe44f40a68509ab9a2adadef2d6a6c813a6a053e8e5ec12581d53453bb0) that appeared in September. This rating also noted the “excessive expression of violence” in Elden Ring along with “realistic” weapons.

Elden Ring will be launching January 21st worldwide for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and the Xbox Series consoles.

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