Elden Ring Delayed Again

Elden Ring has been delayed another five weeks

From Software has announced on Twitter that Elden Ring has been delayed yet again. Posting an “important message” to Twitter, the developer revealed that the game has been delayed for another five weeks. In addition to this, From Software confirmed that the Closed Network Test will be going ahead next month as planned.

Shortly before this announcement, some new Elden Ring footage was leaked online. While the original clip was taken down on YouTube, various reuploads can be found including on  Reddit and Twitter.. The leaked footage is from the Xbox One version of Elden Ring and it’s suspected the footage was grabbed with low quality capture hardware.

While the delay is unfortunate, From Software did confirm a new release date for Elden Ring. The developer was unveiled that the game will be releasing February 25th 2022 instead. It’s not a long delay but From Software feels it’s necessary.

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