Elden Ring confirmed to run on the Steam Deck


Elden Ring is finally here! After months of anticipation and hype, Elden Ring is now available to download and play. In addition to this, the Steam Deck from Valve is supposed to be releasing very soon and emails for the first reservations are going on later today on February 25th. The best part of this, is that Elden Ring is verified to run on Steam Deck.

A user took to Twitter to post images confirming that Elden Ring is verified to run on Steam Deck. This means the new game is fully functional and compatible with the new Valve console. No adjustments should be needed to play Elden Ring on the Steam Deck.

Confirmation emails for Steam Deck will be starting to arrive today for those who are in the first group that reserved a console. Anyone who receives an email has 72 hours to complete the purchase or it will be passed to the next person in line.


3D Platformers ARE BACK!
3D Platformers ARE BACK!

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