Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires PS5 Gameplay

Mike Alexander
Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires PS5 Gameplay Preview. We take a closer look at the latest edition to the Dynasty Warriors Series on the PS5, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires with a PS5 Gameplay Preview. Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires bring a whole host of new gameplay mechanics and modes to the Playstation 5 and really looks add a whole lot more to the Dynasty Warriors Game franchise.

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has  been a staple for developer Omega Force since the release of the first game on the original PlayStation in 1997. While that original game was more of a one on one fighting game, the franchise would evolve into what the developers call “1 vs 1000” style gameplay, where you play as a prominent character in Chinese history and fight battles against entire armies using different weapons and powerups.

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Over the course of the franchise’s history, these games have become bigger and better as their popularity has grown, with Omega Force even being entrusted with the coveted Zelda franchise to make Hyrule Warriors, and the One Piece franchise to make the One Piece: Pirate Warriors games. These games are both Dynasty Warriors-style 1 vs 1000 battle games set in their respective universes, and they both have been very well received with each of them receiving sequels or expansions. Now, in 2022, we have Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, an expansion to Dynasty Warriors 9 from 2018 that adds a host of features and gameplay improvements. Here are some of those added features you should know about before the game’s February 15th release date.

The Empires expansions to the Dynasty Warriors games are all about adding kingdom conquering and strategy to the otherwise straight-up action games, and Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires is no different. This latest entry in the franchise has a new “Castle Siege” mode, a new politics system, and the ability to edit the appearance of your officers with hundreds of parts from previous Dynasty Warriors games.

In the “Castle Siege” mode, you will enter a multi-stage battle to conquer a heavily guarded kingdom. The first stage of this battle is typical Dynasty Warriors gameplay, where you wipe out wave after wave of enemy minions, lowering their number until you can get close to the castle gates, where you will enter the second stage. At this point, you will use a variety of siege weapons to inflict damage on the fortified walls and gates that surround the castle. Once you are able to bust through those castle gates, you will enter the third and final phase, in which you face more waves of minions as well as the lord of the castle in an intense boss fight. If you successfully eliminate the lord, you will add his governed land to your own, growing your kingdom and influence in China.

The power and influence you gain from successful castle sieges play into the political aspect of Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, where your officer will be able to take on many roles, make short and long term decisions for the empire, and enact military, economic, and diplomatic edicts that will improve or damage your relations with the surrounding forces. The degree of variability in the options afforded to you will allow many different playstyles, making sure multiple playthroughs can each be a singular experience.

Also new in Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires is the “Edit Officer” mode, in which you can customize your characters with thousands of possible combinations with hundreds of armor, costume, and accessory options available from characters across all the Dynasty Warriors games. Take your custom officer into battle, and be as stylish as you are deadly!


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