Dreadout 2 Is On PlayStation!! PS5 Gameplay Preview

Dreadout 2 Is On PlayStation!! PS5 Gameplay Preview of the cult horror game Dreadout 2.

After years of waiting we finally have the critically acclaimed Dreadout franchise on Playstation, with the release of Dreadout 2 on PS5. We take a preview look at the game, the gameplay mechanics and graphics of Dreadout 2 on Playstation.

In May 2014, the original DreadOut was released for PC and Mac. The terrifying third-person survival horror game was developed and published by a team of Indonesian game developers at the studio Digital Happiness. 

The team used their roots in Indonesian culture and folklore to craft a game that made a big splash in the horror game genre. Also, the game wasn’t just successful in its home country, DreadOut made its way around the world via YouTubers and streamers who picked the game up and showcased the terror it contains.

DreadOut’s success led to both a live-action film adaptation and an eventual sequel. Dreadout 2 was released in 2020 for PC, but now a couple of years later, the game is finally making its way to consoles, something the original game never managed to do. 

With DreadOut 2’s release date right around the corner, let’s take a look at some of the frightening features the game will bring with it to its console release.

Continue The Terror

DreadOut 2 continues the story that started in the previous game. You’ll once again play as Linda, an Indonesian high school student who has been imbued with supernatural powers that allow her to traverse an otherworldly realm.

The sequel picks up with Linda dealing with the fallout from the previous game when strange happenings once again surround her. This time, she is not confined to a haunted school, things are happening in her own hometown. 

To protect the people she loves, Linda will utilize her powers as well as several new abilities to release spirits, kill monsters, and solve puzzles. At the end of this journey, hopefully, she will be able to finally put all of these nightmares behind her once and for all.

Powerful Pictures

To combat the monstrosities and entities she comes across, Linda will have access to her trusty smartphone, just like in the first game. As evil approaches, players will switch from a Resident Evil 4-style over-the-shoulder camera to a first-person view through the viewfinder of Linda’s smartphone camera. 

Taking pictures continues to be the primary method of dealing damage in a system that is very reminiscent of the Fatal Frame series, but Dreadout 2 adds more mechanics to the mix. Instead of only relying on pictures for every encounter, some enemies will require a more physical approach.

With what the game’s developers are calling a “combat-oriented mechanic”, Linda will now have access to melee weapons that she can use to battle flesh-based beings. Use her smartphone flash to stun the creatures, then stab them with a knife, hack at them with an axe, or bash them with a baseball bat.

Eerie Exploration

As previously stated, DreadOut 2 takes place in a town instead of a school like the previous game. While that school was fairly large and hid all kinds of secrets, the town in DreadOut 2 is on a whole different level.

Take the time to freely explore the town’s many alleys and streets, interact with both human and ghost NPCs, and take on missions in a non-linear fashion. Just like the combat, everything including the setting and exploration has been much improved in DreadOut 2.


Delve into the mysteries and horror of the world Linda is forced to inhabit in DreadOut 2. PC players have already had the pleasure of enjoying this game, but console gamers can finally pick it up when it launches on   PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on July 20th.


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